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As I am a fairly prolific artist, I have numerous Original Paintings of Dancers, Figurative Art, Paintings of Animals, Stylised Portraits as well as other subjects. At times I have a job keeping up with myself so undoubtedly will not have had the chance to upload them all here by the time you are reading this!

If you have seen and like one of my Prints For Sale and would like to enquire whether the Original Painting is still available, do please contact me!

All eyes on you acrylic on canvas
‘All Eyes on You’ Original Acrylic on Canvas

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The inspiration for me as an artist when creating paintings of dancers and figures is enthralling and limitless. There is something spellbinding about the endless shapes formed by the human body as it moves. Dancers, both male and female, move with agility, strength and suppleness into positions of beauty, grace and balance in ways that don’t appear to be humanly possible due to intense training.

Somebody recently asked me how I create movement in my work and I don’t honestly know what I do, other than the fact that I ‘feel’ every position that I am drawing or painting.

Having been a professional dancer, I know where the body weight should be placed and how the dance move should feel as if I were performing that particular dance. I have to admit though, the only feeling I would now get if I tried to create some of the dance moves in these paintings myself, is pain!

I cannot explain just how much my art excites me!

From start to finish, I never stare at a blank sheet of paper or a blank white canvas wondering what I want to paint, far from it, I get such a buzz and can’t wait to get started!

I don’t use grids or plan any positioning of the subjects I am about to create, I simply start creating and once I have started I am usually flowing fairly rapidly.

My Original Paintings have been created using a variety of media i.e. Watercolour, Ink, Acrylics etc.

The title, size of the painting, price, medium used and finish will be written beside the image of the painting.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my Original Paintings For Sale, please contact me in order to arrange shipping costs and payment. Thank you.

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