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Worked in monochrome or colour, my Ink Illustrations of Dancers and other figurative subjects are created using simple lines and brushstrokes, often leaving the viewer to fill in the rest with their imagination.

I use a variety of inks, a dip pen with an assortment of nibs and a few different sized paintbrushes. I work loosely and fairly rapidly, letting the ink move and flow to create lines, shapes and movement. 

At times a line here, or a splash of ink there within an Ink Illustration can make the simplest smallest suggestion to the eye that can be far more pleasing than attempting to fill in every minute detail. 

To purchase a print of the following Ink Illustrations of Dancers, please see my Ink Illustrations For Sale page.


I have been commissioned to paint Ink Illustrations of Dancers from photographs (please see Commissions for examples). As well as dancers, it is possible for me to work from a photograph of most subjects, especially figurative subjects, and I believe an Ink Illustration makes a most unusual, personal gift to treasure.

I can work in monochrome and / or coloured inks. I welcome commissions from non-professional and professional dancers of all dance styles and ages and nothing would please me more than to create something unique for you! I also believe this style lends itself beautifully to a unique Wedding or Anniversary gift.

An Ink Illustration from a photograph of a Bride and Groom dancing their first dance would make a truly wonderful subject for me to work from. If you have a treasured favourite photograph of yourself or someone you love, whether dancing or not, why not consider having an Ink Illustration created especially for you? 

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