Paintings of Dancers

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Paintings of Dancers

A self-taught Devon artist specialising in paintings of dancers, I love to convey movement and emotion in my original artwork. As an ex-professional dancer I am continually drawn to the beauty, poise, passion and strength of dancers and specialise in drawing and painting male and female dancers of all styles.

As a lover of all things humorous and joyful, Animals are also a HUGE part of my arty life and I am constantly inspired to create and capture their quirky little unique characters on canvas and on paper. Big and small their crazy faces seem to have it all!

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Original Paintings of Dancers For Sale

Paintings of Dancers 1

I have a number of Original Paintings in a variety of sizes and media available for sale and shall be adding more on a regular basis.

At present I have uploaded just a small selection of my original paintings of dancers that are still available to purchase, but I will be adding others within the next week or so.

I am a fairly prolific artist so please do revisit from time to time or better still, sign up for my Newsletter then you definitely won’t miss a thing!I work freely, using Acrylics on Canvas, Watercolours, Charcoal, Pastels and Inks.

I tend not to use Oils as I prefer to work fairly quickly and would be most frustrated by the need to keep waiting for oil paints to dry!
See Originals For Sale.

Prints of Paintings of Dancers For Sale

Paintings of Dancers 2

I have professional Giclée Art Prints and Canvas Prints for sale of my Original Paintings of Dancers, Dance & Figurative Illustrations, Stylised Portaits and other subjects. Art Prints are available in A4 and A3 sizes and Canvas Prints in sizes A3, A2 & A1. Larger sizes also available for ALL prints and canvases, price on application.

I ship to most locations worldwide, with Free Shipping available in the UK for my Art Prints and Prints on Canvas. If you are situated outside the UK, simply place an item in the cart, then enter your country in the shipping calculator found in the checkout area to calculate the postage charges for your country.

*Click on images below to enlarge.

See Prints For Sale.

BumbleBee Art

Paintings of Dancers 3

Welcome to my collection of busy whizzy buzzy bees! These delightful wee characters will brighten up any room in the house.

Bumblebees & Honeybees all have their own unique personalities and each of my Paintings creates it’s own little world and tells it’s own little story

Available as Square Art Prints & Canvas Prints in various sizes, this collection is growing rapidly so please DO whizz back soon to find more Bees added to my collection!

Visit the hive here: BumbleBee Art


Paintings of Dancers 4

For animal lovers everywhere I have many lovable, curious and quirky creatures to bring a smile and colour to your lives.

I have available a wide variety of crazy characters, from expressive emus and nosey daft moo cows to splishy-splashy fishy-wishies like ‘Fishface’ featured here!

Bursting with expression within their daft diddy faces, I always think animals have so much to say with their eyes and I hope you can ‘hear’ what they’re saying too?!

To view these, please see Animals by Migglet


Paintings of Dancers 5

As well as commissions of people and animals I welcome commissions from non-professional and professional dancers of all dance styles and ages and nothing would please me more than to create something unique for you.

You may wish to visit my ‘Ink Illustrations’ page for information regarding my Illustrative Commissions, or alternatively, for further information and to view a small selection of recent commissions in a variety of media.

To view these, please visit Commissions

Ink Illustrations

Paintings of Dancers 6

I have Ink Illustration Art Prints and Canvas Prints For Sale and also welcome Illustrative Ink Commissions of a variety of subjects from your photographs, not necessarily dancers!

I love to create illustrations using inks and a dip pen, letting my imagination and the ink flow freely. Ink Illustrations can be worked in one colour or many colours and I believe Commissioned Ink Illustrations make a beautiful and unusual personal gift for all occasions.
To view, please see Ink Illustrations.

Stylised Portraits

Stylised portraits

I am fascinated by expressions and emotions within the face, especially within the eyes, and have recently drawn and painted a few Stylised Portraits using various media such as Charcoal, Watercolours and Inks.

Prints on Canvas and Art Prints of various sizes are available on my Prints For Sale page. I am positive that I shall be adding many more Stylised Portraits to this category in the near future.

To view, please see Stylised Portraits

‘Less is More’ series

Less is more series

Whilst travelling in Spain I created a series of paintings.

I painted the two lively Flamenco Dancers titled ‘Alegria’ featured here from one of my own photographs, and my ‘Less is More’ series of artwork was born!

I feel the simplicity of colours adds to their appeal. Art Prints and Prints on Canvas are available to purchase.

To view these, please see Less is More

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